Skin Art Opmeer

Why Opmeer?

Tattoos last a lifetime. Therefor it is sensible to pay enough time and attention to the tattoo you are about to have. We think this is only possible in a peaceful situation. We don't put a tattoo in a hurry and there isn't many people running in and out. That's why we make an appointment with you, so we have all the time we need for you!

Only with appointment

We prefer to prepare our customers well. The preparations differ from tattoo to tattoo, e.g. what equipment we will use and what kind of needles. Because we strive for the highest level we need some time to prepare you and ourselves.


Hygiene is priority for Skin Art ! Of course we use new disposable gloves for every new customer. All the equipment we use will be sterilzed before usage. For every customer, we use fresh ink in clean cups. Skin Art works strictly according the regulations of the Dutch Health Organisation.

Personal approach

Everything is negotiable at Skin Art Tattoo. We help customers to make their choices. We explain why a certain tattoo is more suitable for a certain bodypart than the other. The final decision of course will always be yours! Don't be shy to speak out your wishes. Everybody with all of their demands are welcome.


Skin Art makes tattoos in all the styles you can think of. Ten thousands (!) of designs we have for you available in our studiio to choose from. If you wish we make a tattoo from your own design.

Satisfied customers

We do everything to get you satisfied about your tattoo! So, Skin Art Tattoo, when you really want something beautiful!

Skin Art Tattoo
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